Information regarding Personal Data Processing

Acting as a “personal data controller”, we, GOOD SAILORS s.r.o., with a registered office at Provaznická 737/12, 405 02 Děčín, Czech Republic, and in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem (Section C, Entry 19121, ID: 25457781 ["GOOD SAILORS"]), wish to provide information about the processing of your personal data and associated rights.

In general, the processing of data is within the framework of marketing activities.

Purpose of processing:

Development of GOOD SAILOR's products and services and subsequent communications regarding sales and service queries and procedures, including marketing, product offers, news, updates, activities, events, competitions, and contests.

How personal data is used:

Personal information is used to better improve GOOD SAILORS external communications, specifically in regards to various marketing and/or service communications, including news, updates, alerts, events, competitions, and occasional personalized messages. Some personal information is also used to enhance the execution of said communications.

Authorization to process:

The processing of your personal data is granted through the authorization of the Consent to Personal Data Processing policy. If you have not given us your consent, we will not process your personal data.

Personal data we collect:

Identification data, contact details, descriptive data, communication history, family and related data, derived interactions and profiles, and network identifiers.

Archival duration:

5 years from when consent is granted.

To whom we may provide your data:

PR agencies or other subcontractors, distribution network members, server operators, guest management agencies, and infoline.

By request, your personal data may be provided to public authorities, including judicial bodies and law enforcement agencies, to the extent necessary and within the limits of the law.

Personal information source:

The only personal data we process is what is freely submitted.

Transmission of personal data to third countries or multinational companies:

As part of this processing, your personal data will never be willingly transferred to third countries or multinational companies.

Automated individual decision-making:

This type of processing doesn’t occur.

More information:

Personal data may be archived in the public interest and used for scientific, historical, or statistical research purposes.

Personal data may be subject to pseudonymized statistical research.

What are your rights?

You have the following rights regarding the processing of your personal information:

  • Access to the processed personal data
  • Revocation of consent to personal data processing
  • Correcting inaccurate or incorrect data or adding to incomplete data
  • Deletion of personal data if the processing is no longer warranted (e.g. End of Purpose) or unauthorized
  • Restriction or blocking of personal data processing
  • Listing your personal data in a structured, machine-readable format to be utilized by yourself or another data controller
  • Submitting an objection to the processing of personal data if you believe that processing is unwarranted

How can you claim your rights?

To communicate with GOOD SAILORS about your privacy, please contact us at the following:



Provaznická 737/12, 405 02 Děčín, Czech Republic

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